Coil Coating

Coatings with liquid rubber

Coatings with liquid rubber

Rubber coated metal bands

On our coating lines, we can apply liquid rubber to the coils in thicknesses from 10 to 100 μm. The coatings can be additionally provided with technical lacquers, such as sliding lacquer, anti-slip lacquer, anti-stick lacquer or high-temperature lacquer. The resulting further processing quality enables it to be used wherever parts made of metal strip with sealing, noise-damping or even vibration-damping properties are required. The very good adhesion between elastomer and metal, combined with high deep-drawing capabilities, demonstrates the superiority of this coating. Likewise, the belts can be coated with decorative lacquers on both the metal and the rubberized side (e.g. as a distinguishing feature in the company’s own production for top/bottom side).

Carrier material

  • Metal types: steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, non-ferrous metals
  • Belt widths of 400-800 mm possible; can be cut to individual end widths
  • Tape thicknesses of the carrier material from 0.20-1.00 mm possible
  • Max. Coil weight of 8000 kg

Liquid rubber coating

The liquid rubber layers (10 to 100 μm) are available in both single-sided and
Can be applied on both sides. The following types of rubber are available for selection:

  • NBR
  • FPM
  • EPDM
  • Other elastomer types on request

Special performances

  • Choice of different colors of the top coat
  • Optional surface texturing
  • Additional application of adhesion films possible

Individual presentations

Of course, we will deliver the coated coils in the presentation of your choice. Whether individual single ring packaging with and without cardboard core or wound goods on cardboard core, plastic spools or metal winding racks.

Design options

Individualize your product

For liquid rubber coating, we also offer various visual or functional finishes. This allows us to imprint structures or motifs and apply additional decorative or functional coatings.

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Industry References

Below you will find some examples from our industry solutions. There are a wide range of applications for rubber-to-metal bonding. We are sure to find a suitable solution for you as well.

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